Andrea C

“The exercise I had been doing was not really showing any improvements or new results. With Fascial Contouring, I look better, but more importantly, I feel better. I am stronger, more balanced, and more in control of my body. Now I feel free, and more like the person I am supposed to be.”

Micki Dupont

“Philip really thinks outside the box and tries to get to the root of my problem instead of simply treating the symptoms. Along with his treatment, he provided me with muscle activation exercises that have really helped with my chronic injury, and will help prevent future problems.”

Johanna R

I had been frustrated by stubborn back fat that seemed to resist every diet I tried. I lost weight, but my back didn’t seem to lose; summer fashions, bikinis and other attire were self-esteem killers. I have lost inches, and look leaner. Best of all, I feel amazing, healthy and energized.

Taylor B

No matter how I changed my workout style or diet I was unable to create the longer waistline I desired. I had just come to accept that I had a square shaped body. Two treatments of  Fascial Contouring and I was finally able to develop a waist!

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