Long- term health and vitality

Injury reduction and recovery

Improved posture and muscle tone

Better structural balance and body awareness

Intentional Movement (IM)

What is Intentional Movement?

Intentional Movement was designed by Aspire Health Therapies to help its clients achieve optimal health and fitness. The Company’s founders created a program that empowers individuals to better perform everyday tasks, fitness activities, and sports pursuits among other things, while avoiding injury and protecting their joints. The program is based on an agonist/antagonist muscle method, and uses specific sequencing and muscle pairing in training.

Upper Body Challenge IM

Classes & Privates

Aspire’s Intentional Movement Program is taught in three half day sessions, three hours each with approximately two weeks between course segments to allow clients to digest and practice what they have learned. The course starts with a Core Series and builds on these principles and exercises over the new two segments, culminating in a Daily Practice that can be modified to meet each individuals needs. The program is appropriate for anyone wishing to be healthier, stronger, and more functional when moving. No experience required. When preferred, our trainers can deliver the program through private sessions.

Group Class IM

Push Up IM

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