Targeted body reshaping

No downtime or dieting

Better posture and muscle function

Increased circulation and nerve conductivity

Fascial Contouring

What is Fascial Contouring?

Fascial Contouring is a revolutionary body sculpting process developed and offered exclusively by Aspire Health Therapies. It is non-invasive, all natural, and safe, and has both tremendous aesthetic and therapeutic benefits. The Company uses proprietary techniques to achieve spot reduction in areas impossible to change through diet and exercise alone.


How Does it Work?

Fascial Contouring targets the Superficial Fascial Layer below the surface of the skin. This tissue is adversely affected by factors such as poor posture and inflammation among other things. Large “pockets” form that store fluids and fat. Using a combination of manual techniques, our therapists open and flush out these “pockets”, helping to then reduce inflammation and break down fat. Red light laser therapy is applied to rebuild damaged cells and increase collagen production.

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